Script Submission

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for writers to have their work read.  Most unsolicited materials get discarded without even one page of material read.  Ms. Zunker provides script submission services in her capacity as an attorney. This attorney submission provides some legitimacy to your script and more likelihood your work will be taken seriously.

Script Submission Rates

  • $125/submission, minimum of five (5) submissions for the same script;
  •  After completing five submissions for you, single submissions for the same script are permissible.

You Provide

  • Company information- contact person, telephone number, address, e-mail;
  • Screenplay – bound copies;
  • One (1) page synopsis;
  • 2-3 sentence summary;
  • Postage fees, separate from the submission rate

 We Provide

  • Submission letter;
  • Certified mailing confirmation of submissions

Other Services

Script submission is a flat rate to submit your script. It does not include legal representation of you in any capacity, such as providing legal advice or negotiating a deal, unless you hire us for additional services.

We do not read your script except to determine whether it is a viable script. If you feel it is necessary for us to read your script, we will read it and provide feedback, but that will be at an hourly rate and not part of the script submission flat fee service we provide.

Our Relationship To You

Once the scripts are submitted, our responsibility to you ends. If a company likes a script and contacts us, we will contact you immediately. At that time, you can determine if you would like to hire us on an hourly basis.  

No Unsolicited Scripts

Do not send us unsolicited scripts. E-mails with attached scripts will be immediately deleted and the e-mail will not be read. Scripts should only be sent once we have reached a signed, written agreement.

We Do Not Submit All Scripts
We reserve the right to refuse to enter into a working relationship for script submission purposes where the script is not properly formatted or we do not feel comfortable submitting the script. While we do not read the script to provide feedback to you, we do skim to ensure it possesses high quality we feel comfortable associating with our practice and our reputation.

Good luck writers!


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